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Camden "CAMO" Elliot, 16, out of Piermont, NH is shown sitting in the jet intake on an F-14 Tomcat of VF-41 "Black Aces." Camo is wearing full combat flight gear and is ready to strap in.

Major Yves Le Clair is shown in a great Vietnam F-4 Phantom pilot set from 1968. Including: HGU-2/P flight helmet, MBU-5/P oxygen mask, SRU-21/P survival vest.  

These Freeport Middle School students are in Clay Carkin's Science class in Maine. They are shown with some flight and military gear.  

Vincent Leteurtrois is an ATC with the French Army Aviation. Vincent is shown next to a Russian Mi-8C helicopter stationed in Plana, Kosovo.

Bones is shown next to an F-14B Tomcat flown by VF-103 Jolly Rogers squadron. Fredi is wearing USN marked HGU-55/P w/ oxygen mask, MA-2, Gsuit. 

Phil Buckley out of NSW Australia is shown next to a now retired C-130C cargo aircraft at the NOWRA Airshow in 1999.

Renato Contin, 43, out of Italy, is shown over NW Italy in the backseat of an TF-104GM being flown by Maurizio Cheli- former Space Shuttle astronaut of STS-75. Renato is with  Alenia Aerospazio, the Italian leading aerospace company.

Vincent Leteurtrois stationed in Kosovo with the French Army Aviation 1st Attack Helicopter Regiment is shown using Night Vision Goggle equipment in a S330 Puma French cargo helicopter during a night operation somewhere over Kosovo. 

Vincent Leteurtrois is stationed in Plana, Kosovo with the 1st Attack Helicopter Regiment of the French Army. Vincent is shown next to a Russian Mi-24 helicopter stationed in Pristiana, Kosovo. 
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