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Dave Mattsson from Bloomington, Minnesota, is shown having 110% faith in his work in the Ejection Photo Shot. He packed both parachutes, rigged the releases, bail-out bottle, life raft deployment. WOW!

Dave Mattsson below a full canopy with all survival items deployed and hanging below him. His photographer shot a whole roll of film and a video of the jump as well.

Bones (L) and Kotter in F-14 Tomcat full motion military simulator. The simulator is an F-14 simulator with accurate flight model, controls, and console stripped down to focus on ACM and carrier ops.

Manos Christodoulakis of Greece is shown here with his collection of helmets and gear. US, China, Russia, British- all main countries & eras are represented.

Simon Dunham from England in his USAAF flying set- A-11 helmet, A-14 mask, B-8 goggles, AN-6519 life vest, A-5 Trousers, & RAF 1941 pattern flying boots.

Martin de Jonge and his 7 month old son, Youri, are catching some simulator time at their home in the Netherlands. Also shown is his custom HGU-55/P and MBU-12/P. 

Dave Mattsson flew Tech Observer on this, the last flight of the last OV-1D Mohawk in the US Army inventory. He and pilot Capt. Benny Hardman made the flight in March 1996 from Savanna, Georgia to Blaine, Minnesota.

Steve Rose from Excelsior, Minnesota is holding one of his custom painted HGU-33/Ps.

George Siriyothin, from Pico Rivera, California, and his nephew Chad are shown relaxing with some brain buckets. George is wearing a Naval squadron marked HGU-33/P and Chad is wearing an SPH-4 from the 1st Air Cav.
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