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Army Cobra Attack SPH-4

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PHH201: US Army Cobra Attack SPH-4 single visor flight helmet with sighting monocle: This is a very rare helmet complete with sighting visor assembly and cords. This helmet was first used with the Bell Cobra attack helicopter by both the Army and US Marine Corps. It was also used in the early Apache AH-64 attack helicopters prior to the IHADSS (Integrated Helmet And Display Sighting System) helmet. The nose machine gun on the helicopter is slaved to the sighting monocle so that where the gunner looks, the gun is looking as well, thereby increasing accurate fire on target. The helmet is complete with special clear visor for use with the sighing monocle, military avionics, M-87 boom microphone assembly, TPL fitting liner with styrene impact absorbing liner. The comm cord ends in U-174/U single pin plug. The helmet below average flight use. Very good + condition. Size Extra Large.

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