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"PCU-15 Torso Harness, USAF aircraft like the F-4, F-15, A-10 - Prices vary based on size & conditio
"PCU-15 Torso Harness, USAF aircraft like the F-4, F-15, A-10 - Prices vary based on size & conditio Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PRTH-PCU15
Price: $165.00
Please Choose Condition:
Please Choose Mount:
Please Choose Life Vest and PLD Attachment Points:
Please Choose Koch Fittings:
"The PCU-15 ejection seat torso harness is used in Air Force aircraft F-4 Phantom since the 1960s, the F-15 Eagle, A-10 Warthog, A-7 Corsair, and more in conjunction with the Martin Baker, Escapac, ACESII seats. The PCU-15 has the standard ejector snaps and V rings and also uses the Koch fittings for parachute riser attachment. One size harness that is adjustable for different heights and weights. [Harness shown with optional survival knife and CRU Bracket attached] Please choose condition. Also choose if you'd like LPU-3 or LPU-9 life vest attachment points already installed on the harness. Koch fittings are currently not available.

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