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"SV-2B Survival Vest, Prices vary based on size and condition. Click image for details
"SV-2B Survival Vest,  Prices vary based on size and condition. Click image for details Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $100.00
Please Choose Size:
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US Navy SV-2B survival vest. Made to work with the Navy ejection seat torso harness by having the pockets around the mid-section of the body and allowing access to the parachute fittings on the ejection harness. We have these vests in good used condition. We offer Fixed Wing type (used with ejection seats) and Helo Type (used with non-ejection aircraft). The HELO type is modified with an extraction belt with buckle sewn around the top of the vest. The approximate sizing of the vest when measured around the chest is: [XL:47" L:44" M:41" S:37"]

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