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Civilian Refurbished SPH-4, Single Visor, Coiled Cord - Choose Color
Civilian Refurbished SPH-4, Single Visor, Coiled Cord - Choose Color Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $895.00
Helmet Color:
Ear Seals:
Please Choose ANR Power Type:
Communication Ear Plugs:
Volume and Mil/Civ Impedance Controls:
BlueLink Blue Tooth Device Adapter and Controller:
Adapters and Quick Disconnects:
Boom Microphone:
Boom Microphone Windscreen:
Boom Microphone Lip Light:
Night Vision Goggles:
Night Vision Goggles Battery Pack:
Helmet Bag:
"Refurbished SPH-4 Fiberglass helicopter flight helmet. The strong fiberglass shell will give you many years of use and weighs only slightly more than the Kevlar shell of the SPH-4B. This helmet is complete with the single visor assembly and it only takes a few moments to switch visors for your day or night flight. This helmet comes complete with either clear or dark visor, TPL liner and impact styrene, black retention assembly with chin strap that snaps on one side, standard earcups, wire boom assembly, 3-6 foot coiled cord with U-174 plug, and civilian communications consisting of 300ohm earphones and Electret microphone. Choose size Extra Large or Regular."

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