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Civilian Refurbished SPH-4, Dual Visor, Straight Cord - Choose Color
Civilian Refurbished SPH-4, Dual Visor, Straight Cord - Choose Color Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $1,000.00
Helmet Color:
Ear Seals:
Please Choose ANR Power Type:
Communication Ear Plugs:
Volume and Mil/Civ Impedance Controls:
BlueLink Blue Tooth Device Adapter and Controller:
Adapters and Quick Disconnects:
Boom Microphone:
Boom Microphone Windscreen:
Boom Microphone Lip Light:
Night Vision Goggles:
Night Vision Goggles Battery Pack:
Helmet Bag:
"Refurbished SPH-4 Fiberglass helicopter flight helmet. The strong fiberglass shell will give you many years of use and weighs only slightly more than the Kevlar shell of the SPH-4B. This helmet is equipped with the convenient dual visor assembly that houses both clear and dark visors, each with their own actuation knob. This helmet is complete with clear & dark visors, TPL liner and impact styrene, black retention assembly with chin strap that snaps on one side, standard earcups, wire boom assembly, 24 inch straight cord with U-174 plug, and civilian communications consisting of 300ohm earphones and Electret microphone. Choose size Extra Large or Regular."

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