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CSU-13B/P Anti-G Suit, Cutaway - Prices vary based on size and condition. Click image for details.
CSU-13B/P Anti-G Suit, Cutaway - Prices vary based on size and condition. Click image for details. Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PRGS-CSU13
Price: $75.00
Please Choose Size, Length and Condition:
"Anti-G Suit, CSU-13B/P: Genuine issue ""G-suit"" as worn by tactical aircraft pilots. The G-suit has bladders at the abdomen, thighs, and calves. When worn and hooked to the aircraft, the bladders inflate and deflate depending on the G (times of gravity) placed on the pilot- this inflation, when combined with muscle contraction will prevent blood from pooling in the lower extremities, leaving the brain and causing black out. The CSU-13 is made of a dull nomex cloth (similar to flight suits) and has a shroud knife pocket on the thigh, zippered shin pockets, and velcro tabs for securing the hose while entering the aircraft. We have these garments in used conditions as well as NEW condition. New condition suits come with a two year factory warranty for manufacturing and material defects. Used condition are for display only (not for use in-flight) and do not hold air. Used condition are graded either good or excellent condition depending on the appearance on the outside. They may have slashed bladders on the inside, repairs, or other damage that makes them unusable except for display. Check available sizes and conditions. Sizes: Small Regular NSN: 8475-00-545-8197; Small Long NSN: 8475-00-545-8204; Medium Regular NSN: 8475-00-545-8211; Medium Long NSN: 8475-00-545-7394; Large Regular NSN: 8475-00-545-8221; Large Long NSN: 8475-00-545-8227; Extra Large Long NSN: 8475-00-545-8248;"

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