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New Kevlar Fixed Wing Flight Helmet with Oregon Aero Products!
New Kevlar Fixed Wing Flight Helmet with Oregon Aero Products! Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PR55-HGU55KOA
Price: $1,495.00
Helmet Color:
Helmet Graphics: Name or Call Sign On Rear:
Helmet Graphics: Checkerboard Visor Housing:
Edgeroll Color:
Chin Strap Style:
Visor Cover:
Communication Ear Plugs:
Microphone Assembly:
Please Choose Boom Microphone Mount:
Comm Cords:
Cord and Mic Configuration:
Volume and Mil/Civ Impedance Controls:
BlueLink Blue Tooth Device Adapter and Controller:
Oxygen Mask Bayonet Receivers:
Adapters and Quick Disconnects:
Oxygen Mask or Ag Respirator:
Please Choose Oxygen Mask Cord:
FlightHelmet.com has teamed up with Oregon Aero to bring you the ultimate in All-Passive Noise Protection and comfort! This Flight Helmet comes with a new lightweight Kevlar shell, integrated chin and nape straps, leather edge roll, and your choice of visor styles. Equipped with all of Oregon Aero’s comfort and noise protection products it is the ultimate in All-Passive Noise Protection!, If features Zetaliner® Helmet Liner, SoftSeal/HushKit® Combo Triangular Ear Cushions, SoftSkin® Ear Seal Covers, MicMuff® Microphone Cover, Leather Chin Strap Cushion, Helmet Skull Cap, and Deluxe Heavy Duty Helmet Bag, all made in the USA by Oregon Aero. This helmet can be customized with various earphones, boom microphones, and oxygen mask attachment fittings. This fixed wing flight helmet shell sizes (medium, large, and extra large) are the same sizes as the USAF HGU-55/P. Please review our size chart for sizing information on a standard HGU-55/P fixed wing helmet. Optional CEP available for additional passive noise protection. We also offer custom painting / graphics in addition to the standard colors listed. Please email for more details. Complete size large helmet weight including bungee visor but not including ear cups or communications is approximately 1 lb 14.5 oz. Configured with basic earphones the weight is approximately 2 lbs 7 oz. / 39 oz. / 1103 based on size large helmet with bungee visor. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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