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Original Oil on Canvas by unknown - Showing Cunningham's 5th Mig Kill. Military commision?
Original Oil on Canvas by unknown - Showing Cunningham's 5th Mig Kill. Military commision? Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $3,000.00
"Original oil on canvas by unknown artist. It is truly a shame that the very talented painter did not sign this piece. I have taken it to several of the top aviation artists in the world and they have all awed at the quality and detail of the painting and they noted that the angle that the F-4 was painted is one of the most difficult ways to depict the jet and get everything right as this artist had done. None of them could identify the work though. The age of the piece is best guessed at least 25+ years old (I've owned it for 5yrs, and the previous had it for 20yrs). The age also is evedent by the type of canvas uses, this is a stretched canvas over professional braces (now canvases are premade from the factory). The detail is abosultely amazing and the sky seems to tell the story of the victor flying into clear blue and the loser dives into the dark forboding clouds. In the lower right corner, a note by the artist and on the back is a story of the kill- the type facing looks amazingly like US Government type reinforcing the thought that this was a commisioned painting by the Department of the Navy. This piece is professionally framed. The piece is in perfect condition. Overall size 27 x 36 inches, image size 19 x 29 inches."

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