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"How-to" Articles

FlightHelmet.com wants the website to be a place for reference as well as the best place to purchase quality gear. Below are some articles we have put together based on customer requests and frequent questions. If you want to know something, just send an email here!

  Convert a Military Flight Helmet for Civilian General Aviation Use
  Convert a Military Helicopter Helmet for Civilian Helicopter Use
  Flight Helmet Leather Edgeroll Replacement
  Reflective Taping the HGU-68/P
  Reflective Taping the HGU-84/P  
  Integrated Chin/Nape Strap Conversion  
  HGU-55/P Combat Edge Conversion
  HGU-55/P Lightweight Bayonet Receiver Installation
  Connect a Flight Helmet or Headset to your PC Flight Simulator

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