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Custom CX-4707 Style Oxygen Mask Communication Cord
Code: AVPT-1001
Price: $75.00

Quantity in Basket: none

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Top Sellers in Oxygen Mask Communications

"Guide, Cable Keeper, Large, Green"
Boom Microphone Cord - SPH or HGU
Boom Microphone Cord - SPH or HGU

"Microphone, Dynamic, Type M-101/AIC- 5ohm, All oxygen masks"
CX-4707 Coiled Communications Cord
CX-4707 Coiled Communications Cord

"Receptacle Assy, Delta Block for MBU-12"
Microphone Assembly
Microphone Assembly
Microphone Extension Cord
Microphone Extension Cord
Guide, Cable Keeper, Large, Gray
Guide, Cable Keeper, Large, Gray

"Amplifier, Audio Frequency, Type AM7067/A- Navy MBU-14 Oxygen Mask"

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