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Strategic Air Command HGU-55/P Flight Helmet - Late 1980's and 1990's
The nuclear age ushered in the need for pilots to have eye protection strong enough to shield the eyes from a nuclear flash, while at the same time giving him clear vision up until the point of impact.

The SAC uses a standard HGU-55/P flight helmet. They then attach a HGU-26/P visor assembly (PRU-36/P) and on it goes a little piece called the "W" bracket, shown below. The "W" bracket is what charges the EEU-2/P goggles with electricity. A wire runs from the "W" bracket under the visor cover, into the helmet and out the communications hole. HGU-55/P with PRU-36/P dual visor assembly, "W" bracket, MBU-12/P with special ground/power cord.

Uses PRU-36 visor assembly.
EEU-2/P Nuke Goggles
The "W" bracket, attaches goggles to helmet.
The helmet is flown just like a regular flight helmet when the goggles are not in use. The housing has both dark and clear visors. The oxygen mask completes the set. Although being a standard MBU-12/P, the mask also has the electric/ground plug for the nuclear goggles. The EEU-2/P nuclear flash goggles (shown dark here), when electrified from the aircraft system, the lenses are clear, allowing the pilot to see unrestricted. In less than a nanosecond or pretty darn fast, the goggle lenses change to the darkness of welder's mask. Shielding the wearer from the dangerous nuclear flash.
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