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HGU-84/P Flight Helmet - Mid 1990's
HGU-84/P helicopter helmet. This unit has dual visors, boom mike, integrated chin and nape strap, plus the Night Vision Goggle [NVG] hook up. In the lower left photo, you can see the NVG connection coming out of the back of the helmet (silver) and the avionics connections (black). In the close-up photos you can see many things particular to this helmet. In the left middle photo, notice the clear visor. It has a section indented so it can be used with the ANVIS 6 system without interfering visor fitting. The NVG mount can be seen in the center between the two visors. This helmet has dual visors, allowing the use of either the clear or the yellow attack visor. The yellow visor is resting on a leather bumper that raises the visor about an inch. This allows the pilot to grasp the visor and pull it over the NVG mount without damaging the visor. 


  The helmet is covered in white reflective tape to aid in recovery from the sea.


Thanks to Dave Peltz for the photos of his personal HGU-84/P below.
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