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HGU-68/P Flight Helmet - Mid 1990's
The Navy's replacement for the HGU-55/P came in the form of the HGU-68/P. Introduced in the mid-1990s, this helmet is now given out to new Naval aviators in training. The 68/P comes in either standard or Combat Edge. The HGU-68/P takes care of the 55/Ps problem of having the visor blown off during ejection by having a track and lock knob system. The helmet also used an integrated chin and nape strap assembly, this system makes the helmet much more comfortable. Out of the box, the helmet is dark green/black in color. The pilots then cover the helmet with reflective tape. As with all Naval helmets, this aids in rescue from the sea. The visor can be changed from dark to clear relatively easily, but it can not be done in flight.
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