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HGU-55/G Flight Helmet - 1990's
The German Luftwaffe (Air Force) issued this US produced Gentex HGU-55/G to a limited number of squadrons in the 1990s. The shell is a standard HGU-55/P shell, using most of the same parts. The different parts used are a British chin strap and a unique visor assembly.  The Luftwaffe uses a US produced MBU-12/P with their helmet, just like what the US uses. The visor cover extends at the corners to prevent the parachute straps or cords during ejection. You can also find this type feature on US Astronaut and high altitude helmets. The dark visor is operated with the knob on the visor cover. The clear visor is actuated with the push type knob on the side, similar to how the HGU-26/P visors operate.
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