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HGU-53/P Flight Helmet - Early 1990's
The HGU-53/P Combat Edge helmet was being developed in the late 1980's to replace the HGU-55/P. The HGU-55/P would tend to have its visor blown off during ejection, exposing the pilot's face to fierce windblasts. The HGU-53/P is flown with the MBU-20/P Combat Edge oxygen mask using standard offset bayonet clips. The HGU-53/P won in competition against a Scott Mach 1 flight helmet and went into limited production, with 3 variations. The HGU-53/P has an elongated lumbar shell, as shown in the picture at the right. The helmet uses combat edge technology. The Combat Edge system utilizes an air bladder that inflates as the pilot pulls more "G's," thereby pulling the oxygen mask tighter to his face.
The HGU-53/P is not compatible with some of the equipment used with the 55/P, so the military has decided to go with a different design to replace the 55/P.
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