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DH-101A Nuclear Flash Protective Helmet - Mid 1960's

This is one of the rarest helmets known to exist and very little information is available about it. The DH-101A was manufactured by Omnitech Incorporated and is based on a standard APH-6 shell.

The DH-101A is a Nuclear flash protective helmet assembly. It was used by the Navy as an experimental nuclear protective helmet. This particular helmet is dated 1964 with the removable glass part of the goggles being dated 1963. It is not know exactly how the flash protection worked. The glass part of the goggles are double paned glass with a air space in the middle. They are removable by pushing the silver knobs one each side. The label states the serial number is 789. You can also see this type helmet on page 100 of Jet Age Flight Helmets.
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