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Gueneau 316G - Luftwaffe version 316 w/ German MBU-5/P
The Luftwaffe uses a custom version of the French Gueneau Type 316. The only real difference is the chin strap. The French use the Ulmer oxygen mask as a chin strap, where as the German helmet is used with a MBU-5/P, so a chin strap is needed. The Luftwaffe prefers the British type chin strap. The visors operate on each side of the helmet. The clear visor (right side) is either full up or full down. The dark visor is adjustable anywhere in that range, but the clear visor must be down. The MBU-5/P is German produced. It has a black plastic face piece instead of the American green. A slightly different communication wire is also used, but is the same as an American mask otherwise. This unit was manufactured in 1974. 
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