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TPL- Thermo Plastic Liner: This system uses layers of firm plastic that is best described as hard bubble wrap. The "bubble layers" are covered with a soft, black "sock." This sock not only provides comfort to the wearer but also holds the liner in place with the aid of 4 Velcro tabs that are glued to the styrene liner. TPLs are custom fit the the wearer by heating the liner and forming it to the head. A flight helmet can be fitted by adding or removing layers of the plastic bubbles. Used in all types of current flight helmets, including: HGU-55/P, HGU-68/P, SPH-4, HGU-84/P. 

Form Fit V-tec: The V-tec was widely used during the 1980s by US Navy crewmembers. It is still in use today by those wanting a truly custom fit helmet. The V-tec is placed on the head, a helmet shell with a hole cut in the top is put on and pulled down. A special warm expanding foam is poured in the holes on top of the V-tec and a mold is made of the wearer's head. The V-tec is made of a leather pad area and thin fiberglass top. Most commonly found in HGU-33/P, HGU-45/P, SPH-3B. 

PRK-40 Styrene Liner with Fitting Pads: This is the most universal type of liner. Many squadrons keep helmets on hand with this type of liner for training use and other occasional users. The PRK-40 liner is made of non-melting styrene. It comes in 2 pieces to allow installation in the helmet shell. The leather fitting pads have self-adhesive backing and also come with several layers of sizing pads so you can customize the fit to some extent. Used on HGU-34/P series flight helmets. Can also be modified to fit HGU-55/Ps and other helmets.

Suspension Liner: The suspension liner, like the PRK-40 with fitting pads, is a very universal type of liner. It is very adjustable which is important since SPH helmet shells come in 2 sizes- Regular or Extra Large. The liner is also popular because it allows air to flow over the wearer's head, providing comfort. This style of liner is found in SPH-4 and SPH-3B flight helmets. Earlier helmets like the Korean Era "P" and "H" series also used suspension liners. 

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