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US Navy Flight Helmet Configurations specified in Technical Orders
Shell Visors Mike & Amp Cable Clip Com Cable

Helmet parts are color coded, see left of chart for parts list. Helmets below are all HGU-xx/P (HGU-68/P, HGU-80/P, etc.)

See above for color codes

68/P 69/P 70/P 71/P 72/P 73/P 74/P 75/P 78/P 79/P 80/P 81/P 82/P 85/P
PRU-55/P, Single X   X   X   X   X X   X    
PRU-51/P, Dual   X   X   X   X     X   X  
PRU-58/P, Cat Eye                           X
EEU-7/P, Single X   X   X   X   X X   X    
PRU-36/P, Dual   X   X   X   X     X   X  
EEK-3/P, Laser   O   O   O   O     O   O  
Light Weight                           X
Safety                           X
Boom Mic     X X X X X X X X X X X  
Boom Swivel     X X X X X X X X X X X  
Amplifier     X X X X X X            
Amp Bracket     X X X X X X            
Mk-634/AIC O O     O O O O   O O O O O
CX-4708A/AIC X X     X X X X   X X X X X
CX-13128/A     X X                    
CX-12972/AR     O O                    
CX-13017/AR     X X                    
CX-13155/A             X X   X X      
CX-13164/A         X X           X X  
CX-4832A/AR                 X          
Legend Items common to all helmets  
X= Required
- = Not Required
O= Optional
Chin/Nape Strap Assembly
TPL Assembly
Energy Absorbing Liner
H-87B/U Earphones
Bayonet Receiver Assy
Jack Holder (S Hook)
Earcup Assy

Prefered Config

Aircraft and Helmet Application

Optional Config

All Fighters Recon A-6 AV-8 Other Attack S-3 OV-10 E-2 EA-6 P-3 C-2A T-34B,C Other Trainers
68/P 68/P 68/P 68/P 68/P 70/P 72/P 74/P 68/P 78/P 79/P 81/P 68/P
69/P 69/P 69/P 69/P 69/P 71/P 73/P 75/P 69/P   80/P 82/P 69/P
85/P 85/P 85/P 85/P                  
No helmet is required in the following aircraft-
Electronic Tanker Cargo Drone Control Trainer
EP-3 Series
EC-130 Series
KC-130 Series C-9
LC-130 Series
DC-130 Series TC-4C

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