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HALO Flight Helmet

The Gentex lightweight parachutist helmet is also referred to as the HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Helmet System. This helmet is designed to provide head, eye and facial protection, and is equipped with additional components to facilitate communications. To enable complete system integration, oxygen mask retention devices are installed onto the helmet allowing various mask options to be fitted and worn during military parachutist operations. The helmet assembly provides cranial protection through the use of an advanced lightweight aramid composite structure. The helmet shell and liner are designed to resist penetration by sharp objects, to distribute the forces during impacts, and to reduce the impact energy transmitted to the wearer's head. Prominent features of the outer shell construction include frontal openings at the three and nine o'clock positions, along with cut backs in the helmet shell to accommodate peripheral vision. Click here to see the HALO helmet section of the X-files!


The HALO Helmet incorporates lightweight components which provide for increased stability and retention without compromising weight, protection or visibility.
The outer shell is painted a flat gray (similar to No.36231 per FED-STD-595) to blend with current military aircraft camouflage schemes. If desired, the outer shell can be painted in a variety of colors.
A foam-cored edgeroll is bonded onto the helmet edge to provide comfort and improve sound attenuation. The edgeroll foam core is covered with high quality cabretta leather (LL-L-254, Type A, Class1).
Each helmet includes a standard form fitted liner [TPL] sized to the anthropometrical data which correlates to head size. The rigid foam liner is comprised of water-blown
polyurethane material. A fitting pad set for the liner is provided for a maximal custom fit. Specially formed leather earpads house each earphone. The liner, fitting pads and earpads are all covered with high quality cabretta leather. If desired, a custom fit polyurethane liner [VTech] (form fitted to the wearer's head) can be provided.
Each helmet assembly comes equipped with oxygen mask bayonet receivers housed in lightweight plastic covers.
To ensure maximum helmet retention, separate adjustable chin and nape straps are attached to the helmet.
The communication system includes left and right side earphone elements and an external dynamic boom microphone, which can be mounted on either side of the helmet.
The standard HALO Helmet Assembly includes a clear goggle assembly for eye protection. The goggle frame is manufactured with extra layers of foam covering the forehead area to ensure both comfort and tight seal to the face.
As standard equipment on the -01 (medium), -02 (large) and -03 (extra large) assemblies are a complete communications system,  including the coiled cord set for radio interface, fitting pad kit and the goggle assembly. Standard equipment on the -04 (medium), -05 (large) and -06 (extra large) assemblies includes complete communications with coiled cord set, liner fitting pad set, and a clear visor lens that is fastened to the helmet with pull-the-dot snaps. A neutral gray shade lens is also available as an optional item. Both the clear and neutral gray lenses are available in MBU-5/P, MBU-12/P, and Gentex HA/LP (MBU-20/P Type) trim.


Visor Cover: A leather cover (P/N GW 9339) for the detachable visor incorporating hook and pile fasteners for easy installation and removal is available to prevent scratches and other damage when not in use. A special cloth cover (P/N GW 9340) with elastic band is also available for the goggle assembly. View Visor Covers available for sale here.  

Standard Oxygen Masks: The HALO Helmet enables complete system integration with the MBU-12/P, MBU-5/P, and Gentex HA/LP (MBU-20/P Type). View Oxygen Masks available for sale here.  

Skull Cap: A special black cotton skullcap (Gentex P/N GW 9663-01 - medium or GW 9663-02 - large) can be worn next to the head to absorb perspiration and enhance personal comfort.  View Skull Caps available for sale here.  

Visors: The HALO Helmet can be configured with either clear or neutral gray visors with MBU12/P,  MBU-5/P and Gentex HA/LP (MBU-20/P Type) trim. Gentex also offers a bubble visor which has been configured to give the wearer of the HALO Helmet full face protection when jumping into heavily foliaged areas. View Visors available for sale here.  


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