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FlightHelmet.com's visit to the Thunderbirds at Nellis AFB, Nevada!

Nellis AFB, Nevada: Just north of Las Vegas- home of the USAF Thunderbirds. We were very grateful to get invited out for a visit and inside look.

All aircraft on the tarmac ready to fly. The Tbird's "Boss"  HGU-55/P helmet sitting on the canopy rail.

Thunderbird Tails

Aircraft support personnel standing by for the General's review prior to his flight. Note that the 4th aircraft is a 2 seater.

After we met Major General Stephen Goldfein, he is shown doing a walking review of the aircraft prior to flying.

The Thunderbird pilots head out to the aircraft after stopping briefly to chat with each other.

Aircraft crew chiefs keep their aircraft's records in these bins right by the flight line. Note #5 is upside down... always.

Lt Col Chandler "Boss" is shown just prior to rolling out. This was the weekend prior to the first show of the season, they looked sharp.

The Boss making the turn on the flight line in front of 2, 3, 4. #4 just happens to have the Maj Gen Goldfein in the back seat.

Rolling in the #2 aircraft and flying Left Wing is Major Rusty Keen in his first season with the Thunderbirds.

Inside the Thunderbird nest- the hangar is spotless. In the corner is an unnumbered spare F-16. In the center is the Tbird patch that is waxed daily by new members.

Inside one of the buildings is the VIP meeting room. A beautiful table with Thunderbird markings.

Our host with the Thunderbirds was SSgt Mauzy (Ret). Many thanks to him for taking the time to show us around.

A large team meeting room filled with original artwork from all eras that the team has flown.

Inside the Thunderbird's life support shop- All of the gear is placed on shelves and racks like trophies. Note the fan w/ decals.

The gear shown is used by the 2 and only enlisted flying positions with the team: #7 & #8 aircraft crew chiefs. These guys fly to airshow locations in the 2 seat aircraft early to get everything and anything set up for the team like hotels, transportation, etc.

In the life support shop they have a fully dressed mannequin. Note the blue CSU-13 Gsuit and hand painted leather gloves.

Found in "The Perch," how's this for a beer tapper?! When an officer rotates out, they leave something behind- this "Boss" left his helmet and mask and had it made into the beer tap- complete w/ F-16 grip. The Perch was filled with great team items from the past.

What time is it?? Thunderbird time, I guess. The Life support clock. Note the #5 is upside down.

A close up of the mannequin in the life support shop. Note: Red show suit, and helmet.

Another view of the beer tap in the perch. If the team has a good day, the line chief turns the light on in the Perch so they know the beer is on him.

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