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Purchasing a Flight Gear Gold Mine
As many of our customers now know, Flighthelmet.com purchased Aviation Artifacts, Inc from Chad LeBeau out of St Louis, Missouri. The logistics of moving such a large amount of equipment was extremely difficult and your patience while were moving the gear was greatly appreciated.

We had 10 people working around 15 hours per day several days each week packing, palletizing, and loading truck trailers full of ejection seats, aircraft instruments, hundreds of helmets & masks, and literally tons of flight gear, then transporting them to our 2 warehouses for unloading. At that point we have to inventory and process each item. Estimates are over 12,000 line items and 500,000+ individual pieces.

During the Aviation Artifacts, Inc purchase we moved fifteen truck loads of equipment. The entire FlightHelmet.com inventory, including what had been purchased from Aviation Artifacts, Inc, was later moved from Central Illinois to Maryland.

Since these photos of the warehouses in Central Illinois were taken, we have completed the task of sorting, photographing, and listing all these items. Our customers now have access to what is best described as a gold mine of the rarest equipment that is no longer released for sale by the US Government. Stored in warehouses for over 20 years, we have unearthed unimaginable treasures to the aviation collector.

All of our customers are important to us and your patience has been very much appreciated. Thanks, FlightHelmet.com

A collection of photographs of the move and gear in our warehouses

Chad (L) & Trey

A-7 Escapac Seats

Rack of helmet parts

The instrument room

A-7 tailhooks

Seats & F-4 panels

Aircraft panels

B-52 instrument panels

Life preservers & MA-2/Ps

Instrument panels

Cushions & seat kits

Cushion king

Seats & F-4 panels

Blank F-4 panels

Instrument panels



Flight suits


Seats & instruments

Ejection garters

Rows of pallets of gear at our 2nd warehouse

Oxygen mask parts

Helmets & instruments

Avalanche of flight gear

Loaded trucks
(Dave S., Jeannie S. & Big Turner)

Racks of helmets

Piles of flight gear

OV-1 para containers, garters, and more

More rows of pallets of gear at our 2nd warehouse

Parachute containers, aircraft panels, tailhooks

Rows of pallets of gear at our 2nd warehouse

Again, more rows of pallets of gear at our 2nd warehouse

Piles of gear

Warehouse 2

Flighthelmet.com's main warehouse

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